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Makda Getachew, DC

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Poor posture can negatively affect just about every function within your body and contribute to chronic pain. If slouching is part of your everyday routine, Makda Getachew, DC, and her experienced chiropractic team can help. At Makda Chiropractic Health Center in Alexandria, Virginia, Dr. Getachew and her team correct poor posture using the CBP® technique to promote better spinal alignment, improve nerve energy flow to organs, and relieve chronic joint pain. Call Makda Chiropractic Health Center for an appointment today or request one using the online booking tool.

Posture Correction Q & A

What is posture correction?

The expert chiropractic team at Makda Chiropractic Health Center uses holistic, innovative correction techniques to improve your posture and alleviate chronic pain associated with slouching. Correcting posture helps eliminate spinal misalignment and promotes better nerve energy flow. 

The Makda Chiropractic Health Center staff uses CBP or Chiropractic BioPhysics® techniques, which combine physiology, physics, biology, anatomy, and geometry, to identify the root cause of chronic pain and to treat your condition effectively. 

What causes poor posture?

Numerous factors can lead to poor posture, including:

  • Improper footwear
  • Genetics
  • Skeletal irregularities
  • Stress
  • Injuries
  • Chronic pain
  • Heavy technology use
  • Sitting or standing for prolonged periods
  • Muscle tension or weakness
  • Muscle spasms

Over time, as your body adjusts to poor posture, you may experience health issues in addition to pain, such as constipation, incontinence, and digestive problems. Proper spinal alignment is the key to optimal overall health and wellness.

Am I a good candidate for posture correction?

If you routinely slouch while driving, standing, or sitting at a computer, you’re likely a good candidate for posture correction at Makda Chiropractic Health Center – especially if poor posture is associated with an injury or chronic pain. 

Dr. Getachew and her team review your medical history, symptoms, and complete a comprehensive physical exam. They may use X-rays to pinpoint the root cause of poor posture or injuries and establish a treatment that best matches your unique needs.

What should I expect during posture correction?

During posture correction at Makda Chiropractic Health Center, Dr. Getachew and her team offer the following:

Chiropractic adjustments

Dr. Getachew gently manipulates your spine with advanced chiropractic techniques to correct misalignment. She and her team use state-of-the-art chiropractic tables to enhance comfort during treatment and help you achieve optimal, long-lasting results.


Massage therapy is another method the Makda Chiropractic Health Center team uses to manipulate spinal and surrounding tissues, correct poor posture, and eliminate discomfort.

Physical therapy

During physical therapy sessions at Makda Chiropractic Health Center, your practitioner helps you complete neck, back, and full-body exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles and other tissues surrounding your spine to correct posture.

Custom orthotics

Makda Chiropractic Health Center practitioners utilize foot scanners to create custom-made orthotics that help realign your spine when you walk or run to improve posture.

Don’t let poor posture cause chronic health problems when simple and holistic treatments are within reach at Makda Chiropractic Health Center. Schedule an appointment over the phone or request one online today.